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As real estate experts in VANCOUVER, British Columbia, we are all about solving real estate-related problems. Once we combined our passion for real estate with our passion for helping others, we found our calling. We Promise You Fair and Hassle-Free Service.

About Neu Target & Supplies Inc

Selling a home

The company was formed out of hard experiences. My name is Danny Sai, I survived a downhill situation; and did not give up to lenders of both my primary and secondary residences. Yes I felt really stuck! I spoke to friends and family nobody was able to help out. But as a religious husband and family man, I could only pray with resilience. I prayed “God send me your help”.  A quote I believe from The Secret by Rhonda Byrne when you ask them for help, the genie always says, “Your Wish Is My Command”. At Neu Target & Supplies Inc, +1 778-717-7188, we believe in being good disciples of the almighty lord.  

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Who We Are

Welcome to Neu Target & Supplies Inc, based in VANCOUVER, British Columbia, +1 778-717-7188, your trusted and reliable home-buying partner in VANCOUVER, British Columbia. People need assistance when faced with difficult situations like, ‘Sell my house in divorce surrey, British Columbia’ or ‘Sell my house without estate agents. You can be assured that we, as your genie, are here for you as we strive to build confidence in you by doing our absolute best to solve all of your home-selling problems. GOGGLE REVIEWS

We can help you with a quick home sale if you are in a hurry and seeking some quick cash for your home. Among the many home-buying companies which give lowball offers and invest in properties, we truly empathize from our hearts and are one of the few that can make a difference by buying your house and solving your problem. Our service is without any demands, any fees, no fear, and bargain. So, you can rest assured that you can count on fast cash while we fix your worry. Get A Cash Offer

Where We Are

Currently operations from VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Neu Target & Supplies Inc has eased off 100 of its clients. As well as this, we continue to purchase houses across the country with a calling for help. We can help you if you have a difficult time selling your home. Our fast offer removes the hassle for you. Upon accepting the offer, you can set the closing date according to your convenience. Want to learn more about ‘How to Sell My House Privately’? Get in touch with us. We keep all matters 100% confidential and let’s find the best solution to sell your house together.

Surrey British Columbia

What We Stand For

We are committed to providing a stress-free home-selling experience from beginning to end. It allows you to make a quick sale on your terms. We offer a competitive cash offer when you need to: ‘Sell your house fast, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada’. We answer all Questions

Each interaction with us is conducted with transparency, truthfulness, and integrity. Regardless of the situation, integrity is our top priority. Our goal is to create a win-win situation for everyone by maintaining a positive attitude. 

Our Core Values

Family home buyers

Circle-Checkmark Do the right things “NO MATTER WHAT.”

Circle-Checkmark Deliver exceptional customer service

Circle-Checkmark Deliver the results we promise.

Circle-Checkmark Keep everything “Confident”

Our Core Values

  • Get rid of unnecessary displays and demonstrations to realtors. 
  • You don’t need to list, and the sale is guaranteed
  • Flexible closing date and move-out dates are available
  • There will be no more costly repairs or offers that fall-through.
  • Reduces pressure caused by deadlines and daily maintenance costs. Get A Cash Offer Today
Sell your home without realtor fee

What Our Clients Say About Us

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We Buy Your Home Fast

We have developed systems to make the process of buying your home super-fast when you sell to a cash home buyer like Neu Target & Supplies Inc, in VANCOUVER, British Columbia. In just one business day, you can expect an unconditional cash offer. Call us +1 778-717-7188. Our company buys houses in any condition with no fees for you to worry about. We will still buy your house even if it has severe fire damage. You don’t have to worry about your house flooding if every pipe bursts in walls.

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We are not afraid of dirty jobs. Our favourite house is cluttered and ugly. Unusual rooms are relatively easy. Managing houses that were occupied with bad tenants and/or city violations is fine.

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