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How to sell a house in divorce fast ASAP in BC


“Nobody wants to draw out their matter. No one wants to go to court,“ said Isaac.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published July 1, 2021


A nasty contested divorce comes with many fringes attached to the family property. A separating couple owning a matrimonial home by far has a home as one of their most significant assets that they want to sell the earliest. 

You will have to be able to show the court that:

  • you have lived apart — been separated — for at least one year, or
  • one of you committed adultery, or
  • one of you was physically and/or mentally cruel to the other.

What Options Do You Have While Selling A House?  

Sometimes the divorcing couple may agree to enter into an agreement concerning whether to sell the home or not. You may exercise the following options when you want to sell your house fast in BC:-

Why Are Legal Battles Not Preferred Mostly?

The legal battles usually last long, and the property stays locked in this battle whereby the property value may increase or decrease as per the market condition. This adds to the valuation process complication and further makes the fair division impossible.

Additionally, suppose you have left out reading the separation clause in the mortgage agreement signed together as a couple. In that case, you may not be able to buy a new house as you technically owe debt against the property.

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Don’t Get Panic About How To Sell My House Without Realtor?

You can still look around at your best available selling options in your city in BC or make better decision for yourself.

If the prospect of selling your home in a divorce is scaring you, it simply makes no sense to find a realtor. Your situation may be giving you anxiety, sleepless nights, stress. Take a few moments to read our suggestion till the end, and you will thank yourself that you did.

Do you know how long does it take to sell with a Realtor?

You may choose the forced sale of your home by the court. Here the court is empowered to order the sale of your home in British Columbia under the Partition Property Act. The court will evaluate the interest of both parties and may order the sale of the property considering several factors. However, financial issues may require urgent winding up of the share division in the matrimonial property

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As we are home buyers and not agents (who try to sell your home to others), the process is much faster. We want to buy your house fast, providing you not only cash but a relief on the spot. As professional home buyers, we assure fair market value for your house during divorce.

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Quick Solutions to Stressed Home SellersTake a Deep Breath

You deserve to be gentle on yourself even if you decide ending your years-old relationship and potentially move for a better life.

Consider selling the home to us and we will buy your house fast and ‘as-is. We buy houses fast in whatever it’s current condition, that means you don’t need to worry about cleaning, fixing, or doing any repairs.

There is no need to worry about how to sell the house as-is, legalities and specifics of property selling, moving out, property price negotiations, realtor fees and commission, a real estate attorney to handle divorce sales, and all the unlimited paperwork.

Our attorney will handle all property sale agreements of your house and we will pay the fees. Then the money will be sent to your attorney, who will pay you and your spouse the cash. It’s that simple. Check Out How Our Process Works.

You are under no obligation or pressure to accept our offer. Exercise your right to choose whether or not to accept cash against your home.

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We give you the liberty to choose the closing date of your choice.

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