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Cash Home Buyers |We Buy Directly From Home Sellers Paying Fair Cash For Single Family Homes, Multifamily Houses With Damage As-Is

Looking to sell quickly to house buyers for cash? Ultimate Solutions LLC is a real estate house-buying company and cash home buyer. The company buys houses for cash so home sellers can avoid the hassles of traditional home listings with realtor agents! Imagine you list with a realtor but don’t receive the right offer! Or imagine investing your time to repair your property that needs a lot of work! We save you the time and buy houses as-is, where-is.

Home Owners Looking To Sell Your House Fast

We Pay Your Closing Cost & Buy Your House!

At We Buy Any Houses, We Buy Damaged Houses For Cash! No Repairs. No Commission, No Agent Fees. Fill Out The Form To Get Started On Your FREE CASH OFFER Today!

Economist housing market

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Are you looking to sell your Property That Needs Work?

If so, then we are you best choice. Why? We don’t need to get approved by banks. This means that you can get your money quickly and without any hassle. Plus, we are your final buyers. We also purchase single-family houses, multifamily dwellings, commercial warehouses, and storage units.

We Buy Any Houses | Sell My House For Cash, | Sell Your House | Save Yourself Time & Money | Cash Out in 7-14 days!

Want To Sell a Pretty or Ugly House For Cash In Surrey British Columbia? At Ultimate Solutions LLC, We are your perfect investor who buys cash for houses across United States and Canada! As a cash home Buyer, we offer Cash For Houses without going through any odd experiences, or listing with real estate agents! Fill Out The Form To Get Started On Your FREE CASH OFFER Today!

Simple 3-Step Process, Get Cash Offer Today!

Offers provided in 24 hours

Get an offer within 24 hours

Choose a closing date for your house

Pick a closing date

Quick cash closing

Close quickly and on your terms

Need to Sale Your House for Fair Cash ?

We have our own cash, as we buy damaged properties we offer fair value and buy as-is, freeing you from the pain to get permits, then repair, and pay realtor commissions, closing costs, or inspections. Might be better if you sell as-is in as fast as 7-14 days!


Find Out How to Check Out How Our Process Works

Sell Your Home With Our Easy-to-Use Service

We Buy Homes in any condition. We Can Assist You Now!

Do We Buy Any House Companies Purchase Ugly Houses?
If you have a property to sell, We Buy Any Houses is a cash house-buying investment company. What does this mean to a home seller? Means You Sell As-is giving you thousands of dollars in savings…Zero Repairs And 100% Trouble Free Transaction! We Buy Houses to rebuild or renovate and resell, so you can say goodbye without having to worry about the mess.

It won’t matter to us if the house is pretty or ugly.

Landlords facing financial strain due bad tenants

Tired Landlord

Sudden situations take place, and we only need one solution

Avoid Foreclosure

Separating assets in a divorce or dissolution is emotionally and financially challenging


Learn how to quickly and effectively sell a distressed house.

Distressed Property

Sell your home without paying realtor fees

Without A Realtor

Selling an inherited home can be complicated. Contact your local home buyer

Inherited Home

Job loss or relocation are reasons to selling a home. Learn about your home for sale


Learn how you can sell a water damaged house for cash.

Water damaged

cash house buying family

I am Danny with my wonderful wife. We were also in a downhill financial situation like you might. We had all kinds of debts such as private money loans, behind taxes and so forth. We believe in showing you the way out of the stress you might be enduring. A lot of times, we fix our problems by taking that creates a positive energy. When you ask the universe to help, the genie always says: “Your Wish Is My Command” a quote from the book: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. At Neu Target & Supplies Inc we help homeowners get their ultimate solution.

Our Core Values:

Do the right things “NO MATTER WHAT”

Deliver exceptional customer service

Deliver the Results we promise. 

“Confidentiality Matters”

Good review home buyer
Testimonial on goggle my business

I love this company. They buy houses and I did not pay a fat commission. Friendly and patient. Very efficient and helpful. Highly recommend.

~ Hema

Testimonial of Rick Crippen Home Seller Surrey, BC
Dated: 28th September, 2023

A Stress-Free Way To Sell Your Home Quickly.

We will buy your home as is. Forget the staging, repairs, or even cleaning up the mess. You avoid the hassle and embarrassment of new buyers visiting your home. Nevertheless, we promise ‘100% Confidentiality‘. We assure confidentiality & transparency while working with a real estate professional. If you are considering how to quickly sell your house to private home buyers, we’re your best option. Get your fast cash offer!

Cash for homes

Relocating or downsizing, we’ll help the transition be seamless and quick. We can close whenever you’d like — anywhere from seven days to six months or more! It’s your choice!

Behind Home loans

If you have a property and want a hassle-free way to sell it, we’d like to make you a fair cash offer.

Sell heritage house

It doesn’t matter whether you live in it, you’re renting it out, it’s vacant or inherited. We can buy your outdated home quickly.

See What Our Satisfied Sellers Have To Say.

I inherited a house after my grandmom passed away. I wouldn’t be able to deal with something like this on my own, I ended up calling them and they gave me a helping hand. Couldn’t be more grateful!

– Brad

I recommend this business to homeowners who need to get their houses sold fast. Rest Assured the team is very professional & caring.

– Nitin

What benefits Do Real Estate Investors Offer VS Realtors? 

It is natural you want the maximum price for your house but benefits come with a price. You are wondering if using a real estate investor or a realtor is better. Here are some great benefits; Real estate investors can offer many advantages over realtors, firstly the ability to purchase homes quickly and for cash with a fast closing date. This can be especially beneficial when dealing with ugly houses that traditional buyers may not want. Additionally, investors often have access to exclusive deals unavailable to realtors. Whereas any realtor can list the property on the MLS, without guarantee of a home sale, you the home seller will fetch a higher sales price while having to wait 60-90 days for the right buyer to come by. It’s no surprise why more and more Canadians are turning to real estate investors when they need to buy or sell a house! What’s your next step? Fill Out The Form To Get Started On Your FREE CASH OFFER Today!

Each situation comes with pros/cons. Our focus is: 

Property sale
  • We help BC house sellers and homeowners from hassles. Whether avoiding answering calls from their lenders due to behind payments or owning a liability old house that needs work, we can be a solution.
  • Fixing & Repairing houses needs a lot of money, time, and risks. Our service takes this painful process off your shoulders. If our offer sounds good to you, we will pay you cash without you repairing the house. This means the Seller sells his problems to us “AS-IS”, “WHERE-IS”
  • Our service saves homeowners hassles and large sums of real estate agent fees, time and clean ups! Does that sound something you are looking for?
  • Sell Your House Cash Privately!

Ask How To Sell My Damaged House anywhere around your home?

We buy damaged houses. As cash buyers, we fix and repair them. Would this ease your struggles, finances, or stress? We will offer cash on houses regardless of the condition.

If you have situations like bad tenants, being behind payments, in pre-foreclosure, damaged property, or just need to sell we are your ideal buyer.

Look at this home owned by Brad, his grandmother’s house was a burden to him. He did not have time and money to renovate the old house and deal with contractors.

Whatever the situation we are proud to be a solution for your house.

Old houses sold for cash
Canadians Cash Offer

Get Your House Sold Not Listing! You don’t need to pay realtor commissions and fees. Check Out How Our Process Works. Receive Your Cash, No Obligation Fast Cash Offer Today!

Life isn’t always a bed of roses, and when a tough time hits, it’s natural to start thinking about how to sell our once favorite house ASAP privately. Don’t worry, we got you. Let’s put our cash to work for you.

Would you like your house sold in 7 days without realtor fees?

It is easy for us to pay you cash for your house without involving real estate agents 🙂!

We handle tricky situations which makes us a better option than real estate agents who charge a huge sum of commission. So if you have a difficult situation and want a solutions call us at +1 778-717-7188 right away.

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These Are Some Situations That Our Home Sellers Face.

Do You Own Unwanted Rental Property?

Do You Have Frustrating Tenants That You Need to Get Rid Of?

Do You Want To Avoid Paying Realtor Commissions?

Did You Inherit An Unwanted Property?

Do You Need To Relocate Quickly And Need To Sell Your Current House Fast?

Are You Going Through A Frustrating Relationship or Divorce?

Do You Have Little Or No Equity And Need To Sell?

Do You Own A Property that needs to be worked on & Fixes?

Do you Own A Fire Or Water Damaged Property?

Do You Own A Vacant Property that you are paying Double Taxes?

Unable To Afford New Canadian Interest Rates?

Do you own A Hoarder House or an Unfinished home?

Do you own a house that Needs Plenty Of Work?

Do you own a home that was damaged by Pets?

Do you have an unexpected Situation or Relocation?

“Cash For Your House”

Neu Target & Supplies Inc is a professional who buys houses fast and pays a fair price without repairs.
House buyer in Lower mainland, British columbia, Canada

Any Condition

We Buy Houses as-is for Cash, no matter how many repairs it needs. Remember, we are house buying company. The worse the condition, the more excited we get!

Any Situation

You can sell your house quickly no matter what situation you may be facing. Liens, behind payments or any violations, … it doesn’t matter to us. Get your fast cash offer to see what we have to offer!

What Problem Can We Solve?

Behind Mortgage Payments & Interest Payments.
Bad Tenants who left the house in unlivable condition.
Anyone who received a real estate Inheritance
Houses with any damage like water, fire damages.
Homeowners behind Upgrades.
Homeowners behind Taxes
Owners who have Vacant houses
Pet damage homes
Divorce or any Situations…

Want to Sell Your House for Fair Cash ?

We also have a secret guaranteed cash offer. Show us other buyers can beat our price and we will match the price. Want to know more? If you need advance, we can arrange it!

Selling a home can be an overwhelming experience, but we make it much easier. We buy homes as-is and take away the hassle of having to pay for repairs, real estate agent commissions, repair costs, cleanup costs, or any staging fees. Our offers guarantee a fair cash offer and a rapid transaction for every seller.

Save commissions

We have the solution! (Selling a house through a real estate agent may not be the right way for you.)

We buy houses fast without any commission.

And as a Bonus…

You don’t need to clean up and repair the property…

Or deal with the paperwork yourself!

Don’t waste time, PERIOD!


“I had a really good experience with the team at Ultimate Solution LLC. I was looking to sell my house fast in Surrey Canada and came across their details and called Danny right away. He was easy to talk to and put my concerns at ease.”

– Edwin D

Working with Danny and his team was fantastic. The entire process was fast and stress-free.”

– Brett Singer

Canadians Cash Offer

Do you want to sell your house for cash today? Fill Out The Cash Offer Form.

Sell your house for cash today in as-is condition, without repairs, and receive cash in 7-14 days.



Neu Target & Supplies Inc –Buys Houses and Multifamily Units For Cash. If you have a property or real estate for sale Get your Cash Offer


The answer is Yes if the house needs no repairs and you can stage it you can list it For Sale By Owner. But if the house needs load of repairs, it’s not a pretty house you are selling then the answer may be NO!


You can sell your house to private real estate investors like Neu Target & Supplies Inc. Alternatively, find FSBO websites charge you few hundred dollars to list the house and few thousand to take the photographs.

Still interested in a cash home offer? Give us a call +1 778-717-7188 or fill out our form 👇

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