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Our mission is to make you feel confident safe while Selling your home fast in VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada.

Cash offers often raise few Seller questions :

Will you be listing my house on the MLS or actually buying it?

Great question. We’re not agents, and we don’t list houses. We are professional home buyers: We buy houses VANCOUVER that meet our purchasing criteria. From there we may repair the house and resell it to another homeowner or keep it as a rental ourselves.

How do I sell my house without a realtor in BC?

You have to list it on multiple sites, show it, and offer it to buyers.

Buyers are shopping more on mobile devices and the conversion rates are much higher. This means that you need to make sure your listing is optimized for those buyers

Many of the houses we purchase are below market value (we do this so we can resell it at a profit to another homeowner). We are looking to get a fair discount on a property. However, in our experience, many sellers aren’t necessarily expecting a large “windfall” on the property but rather appreciate that we can offer cash, we close very quickly (no waiting for financing), and no time or effort or expense is required on your part of fix up the property or pay agent fees. If that’s what you’re looking for and you see the value in getting your house sold fast… let’s see if we can come to a fair win-win price. (Besides, our no-obligation pricing commitment means that you do not have to move forward with the offer we give… but it’s good to know what we’re offering!)

DOWNLOAD our free guide that walks you through the Pros and Cons (plus the cost and timeline) of selling your house to a real estate investor… plus learn the pros, cons, and costs of the other two alternatives… listing with an agent or selling it yourself.

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What are some of the best ways to sell my home as-is quickly?

There are many ways to sell your home quickly.

Some of the best ways to sell your home quickly include:

-Price it correctly

-Present it well -Get the word out about your property

-Be patient and don’t be in a hurry

Are there any fees or commissions to work with your home buying company?

This is what makes us stand out from the traditional method of selling your house: There are NO fees or commissions when you sell your house to us. We’ll make you an offer, and if it’s a fit then we’ll buy your house (and we’ll often pay for the closing costs too!). No hassle. No fees. We make our money after we pay for repairs on the house (if any) and sell it for a profit (we’re taking the risks here on whether we can sell it for a profit or not, once we buy the house from you… the responsibility is ours and you walk away without the burden of the property and its payments… and often with cash in your hand). Get Your Cash Offer

How are you different from a real estate agent?

Real estate agents list properties and hope that someone will buy them. The agent shows the properties to prospective buyers if there are any (the average time to sell a property in many markets right now is 6-12 months) and then take a percentage of the sale price if they find a buyer. Oftentimes, the agent’s commission is 3-6% of the sale price of your house (so if it’s a $100,000 house, you’ll pay between $3,000 – $6,000 in commissions to an agent). Agents provide a great service for those that can wait 6-12 months to sell and who don’t mind giving up some of that sale price to pay for the commissions. But that’s where we’re different: We’re not agents, we’re home buyers. Our company actually buys houses. We don’t list houses. Since we’re actually the one buying the house from you, and we pay with all cash… we can make a decision to buy your house within a couple of days (sometimes the same day). Again, we make our living by taking the risk to buy the house with our own cash, repair the house, and market it ourselves to find a buyer (which is the hard part in this market).

Great question, and we’re an open book: Our process is very straightforward. We look at the location of the property, what repairs are needed, the current condition of the property, and values of comparable houses sold in the area recently. As you know, house values have taken a huge hit in the last 5 years and most areas still haven’t seen prices come back up. We take many pieces of information into consideration… and come up with a fair price that works for us and works for you too.

Is there any obligation after receiving my cash offer ?

No. There is absolutely zero obligation for you. Once you tell us a bit about your property, we’ll take a look at things, maybe set up a call with you to find out a bit more, and make you an all-cash offer that’s fair for you and fair for us. From there, it’s 100% your decision on whether or not you’d like to sell your house to us… and we won’t hassle you, won’t harass you… it’s 100% your decision and we’ll let you decide what’s right for you. Get Your Cash Offer

How do I sell my inherited home quickly in VANCOUVER, British Columbia?

Our home buying company offer cash offers in VANCOUVER, British Columbia, and Neu Target & Supplies Inc, is one-of-its-kind home real estate service in VANCOUVER, British Columbia. Here we put utmost importance on helping, not hurting humans. We make selling your home simple and stress-free.
You don’t have to worry about uncomfortable showings and negotiations. Agreements are made to your advantage and convenience including you can pick your closing and move-out dates. Our team will provide you with a realistic, obligation-free offer within hours, and you will be on your way out of the stressful situation.

What if I Need to sell my house fast in VANCOUVER, British Columbia, due to an emergency?

Our house-buying process is fast. Financial emergencies can be caused by bank repossessions, divorce, natural damages not covered by insurance, or inheriting a second home. When you sell your house for cash in British Columbia, we give you the cash you need to deal with your emergency.

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Can you help me get cash fast if I sell my ugly tenant home for cash in British Columbia, Canada?

Unlike realtors, we skip all the fees, all the red tape, and all the hassle of selling a house. Direct contact with you is what we do. You can walk away from your home free with cash in your pocket in less than 7 days! Call us +1 778-717-7188.

What if I have multiple loans or can I sell my house in divorce in VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada?

This industry is no stranger to legal liens and splits. It is usual to have these problems in any shape or size. Our cash offer considers all aspects of your home, including liens and divorce.

What are the best ways to advertise my home for sale in VANCOUVER, British Columbia?

There are many ways to advertise your home for sale. Some people choose to hire a realtor VANCOUVER, while others choose to take matters into their own hands. The following are some of the best ways to advertise your home for sale:

1) Social Media:

Social media is an excellent way to advertise your home for sale. It is also a great way to keep in touch with friends and family.

2) Flyers:

Flyers are another excellent way to advertise your home for sale. They can be distributed in a variety of places such as grocery stores, libraries, and coffee shops VANCOUVER, British Columbia. Flyers can also be mailed or hand delivered door-to-door by you or Canada Post on your behalf.

3) Signs:

Signs are another excellent way to advertise your home for sale VANCOUVER, British Columbia. They can be placed outside the property VANCOUVER or at strategic intersections near the property where they will be seen by many passersby who may not have otherwise known about it

You don’t have to touch or call a real estate agent to fix your problem. Neither you will pay any realtor commissions or fees in VANCOUVER, British Columbia. Get Your Cash Offer

How do you fill the purpose of Need To Sell My House in VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada?

Our local ownership makes us familiar with VANCOUVER, British Columbia, and its culture. Having a seasonal city can sometimes be too much for some people. As professionals in VANCOUVER, British Columbia, of Neu Target & Supplies Inc, we have lived through many tragedies in this city, so we are passionate about helping people in need.

Will you buy a fixer house as-is, I want to Sell my house for cash in British Columbia, Canada?

When you sell your house to Neu Target & Supplies Inc, VANCOUVER, British Columbia, we don’t mind taking over challenges. No matter its condition, we will buy it for cash. If you want to sell your house, we won’t force you to fix anything. We buy houses your house as-is for cash.

How is Neu Target & Supplies Inc, VANCOUVER, British Columbia, different from a real estate agent?

When you visit your local British Columbia, real estate agent, “Can I Sell my house for cash in British Columbia?” They’ll say yes. But they ask you to repair, renovate, and make it marketable with curb appeal. A real estate agent charges you a commission, fees, staging costs, and more to sell your home. We are different because we buy as-is unlike other commercial brokerages trying to list your house and find you a buyer. Selling your house for cash with us takes away all the hassles, and burdens to pay your contractors and find buyers in VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada.

What is your company’s reputation for being helpful if I want to Sell my house for cash in British Columbia, Canada?

We want to ensure you get cash for your house. Read Google Reviews our testimonials and speak to us. From there you decide if we are a good fit.
Our cash-buying process is simple. Calling us +1 778-717-7188 is the first step in our process. We make an offer based on the market comparables of your home. It’s a no-obligation offer, take it or leave it. up to you after that. If you take our offer, we sign simple agreements and our lawyers in British Columbia will make the payment to your bank.

What’s the best way to contact you?

Still interested in selling your house for cash? Call us at +1 778-717-7188. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Neu Target & Supplies Inc, can buy your house for cash if you want it sold today in VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada,

What is the legitimacy of a Cash Offer?

We close all deals at a lawyer’s office and are completely legit and safe in British Columbia, Contact: Neu Target & Supplies Inc, +1 778-717-7188 for Cash a Offer. We are a dedicated team of experienced, licensed home-buying professionals in VANCOUVER, British Columbia.

Selling your house for cash is the best option for many people. It’s a quick and easy process and it doesn’t require any upkeep.

How to Sell My House Privately, Will my information be kept secure?

It is our policy not to share or sell any information about you. We will keep your information secure before & after the entire transaction. Please refer to our privacy policy for more details.

What are the advantages of selling my house for cash?

With conventional home sales, there is a great deal of unpredictability and no guarantee of a sale. You usually have to worry about countless tours and auctions. The buyer may need help to secure financing even when you get an offer.
You can get a qualified buyer to make you an offer on your house without having to make it market-ready with VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Neu Target & Supplies Inc, +1 778-717-7188 Cash Offers. You won’t have to move twice or pay two mortgages once since you can choose a closing date that suits you.

Some people are hesitant to sell their home because they’re afraid of the unknown. They’re not sure what to do with the money they get from selling their home, or how much they’ll get back on their investment. But there are a number of advantages to selling your house for cash that make it worth considering.

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