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How I Sold My House Myself (And Saved Thousands!)

Rewards Selling Your house Yourself By Owner

sell your house by owner

Selling your Vancouver house yourself can be an exciting and financially rewarding experience. By taking on the task of selling your home without involving estate agents, you could potentially save thousands of dollars in commission fees. Get started with our comprehensive guide on how to sell your house yourself!

Market your property

Becoming your own real estate agent

Making sure your Vancouver property is seen by as many prospective home buyers as possible is a great way to increase your chances of finding the right cash offer.

You can take advantage of a range of online platforms, such as popular real estate websites, to list your home with attractive photos, descriptions and contact information.

Social media platforms like facebook marketplace, facebook for sale by owner groups in British Columbia is also a great avenue for getting the word out. Be sure to use relevant category, keywords, and hashtags before you complete the post to sell your Vancouver property in British Columbia, so people can easily find it!

Advertise & Build Awareness of Your Vancouver Property

Advertising your property whether it is a single family house, multifamily house or storage unit, is a crucial step in the selling process and will help you reach more potential buyers or cash buying companies. Make sure to use an array of mediums, like websites, newspaper ads, posters or flyers, social media platforms and even word-of-mouth. This way you can ensure your property reaches as many interested people as possible! You should also highlight key features such as square footage, features included in the sale, energy efficiency upgrades and proximity to local amenities.

Handle the Inspections & Connect with Buyers

Get ready for the property inspection by hiring a certified inspector to assess the condition of your home and prepare a detailed report. You’ll also need to think about arranging a valuation on the property if needed – this will give potential home buyers an idea of the home’s worth. And, most importantly, be sure to engage with potential selling opportunity, and answer any questions they have that could help assure them in their decision-making process.

Negotiate Your Deal

Once you have a potential home buyer or investor, it’s time to start negotiating the purchase price. Be aware of market prices and know what your target selling price is. Keep any documents related to the property on hand in case you need to reference them during negotiations. Additionally, make sure any financing agreements between you and the home buyer are clear on closing costs, terms and other concerns. Writing down specific details in a contract helps protect both parties in case disagreements arise afterwards.

Due Diligence

You should also do your Due Diligence by making sure you know any zoning or other legal restrictions on your property. These documents can often be accessed online through local councils and state governments.

Knowing what limitations there may be on the property, such as ease of subdivision access and building permits, help you make better decisions during negotiations and ensure you haven’t overvalued the property price. Doing your Due Diligence gives you confidence in any negotiation talks and puts yourself at a much better advantage when selling your house by yourself.

We Buy Houses Vancouver Cash

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