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Is it a good idea to sell a home to real estate investor?

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Is selling home to a real estate investor a good idea? How to sell house without realtor Burnaby BC


HI today, I’m going to share if it’s a good idea for you as a homeowner to sell to a real estate investor. Now this topic is very vast and I’m just going to cover my personal opinions over here. And to educate you, what are the truth? And in factors that you might be looking for a real estate investor to sell your home.

Now, my name is Danny with Ultimate Solutions.

And let me educate you what are real estate investors all about in case you don’t know, or haven’t heard, or just heard something from a real estate realtor telling you to go to a real estate investor. Now, why would you sell to a real estate investor when you could find a realtor. Now, I reckon more than 18% of the houses in the United States and Canada, don’t sell after listing with a realtor. So what could the reasons be?


One of the reasons could be the house needs a lot of work. And a realtor doesn’t put the work in your house or fixes your house and then sell it so that could be one of the reasons. One of the reasons could be a realtor brought you a buyer, but this buyer actually put in multiple offers on different houses and suddenly the house that they really liked you know the seller approved and said okay look, I’ll sell you the home at your price or whatever the price, sorry. Check Out How Our Process Works. We’re Ready To Give You A Fair Offer.

Now it could be the home buyer was the first time home buyer and his loan didn’t get approved due to credit score all right. It could just be various problems over here, a realtor could have taken their listing but didn’t put enough work and so on you get the point.

Now, if you haven’t watched my previous video, I’ll put the link below How to sell your house fast that needs work watch that video. I’ll post it in the link below:

Now, let me share pros, selling a house with a real estate investor. And I will later tell you 3 cons selling to a real estate investor. Now that’s, that’s what life is about. Life is about pros and cons in every scenario. I I’m sure you get it.

I believe a lot in the universe, and the law of attraction. So this is, you know, it’s what you put out there. And really there are pros and cons in every scenario. So let’s go through this.

Now you would use a real estate investor to sell your home in case you want to put cash faster in your pocket.

Now, when I say that usually real estate investors cut down the time of their transaction, which helps you a lot.

Second reason could be if you’re an urgency, and want to save your credit score because your local lender or your home lender is about to take nasty actions and you probably received some type of notice or some type of letter in the mail.

Third reason that you would use a real estate investor is we as real estate investors have the ability or actually have faced some real situations, either got to do with damaged properties or a property caught fire.

There’s various scenarios in the property. You know, it could be the property was delinquent in taxes for several years just because nobody knew what was the taxes all about, or maybe the mail went to a wrong address.

There’s so many scenarios out here. So these are the reasons. You do use a real estate investor in this case I also want to say that real estate investors are good hearted and just like real estate agents are not equal real estate investors are all not equal. (Go here to learn about our process →)

You know, I have to give that honest opinion of mine because I’m myself a investor, and I know how grateful my home sellers are after receiving the payments and everything going so smoothly. We make it as humanly possible to make simple, straight and easy for the home seller .Now as I promised you before, I’m going to share three cons with you and let me share these three cons.

Okay. One of the reasons, one of the cons is a real estate investor can’t pay you a hundred percent of the full market value. Now, how do you differentiate a full market value and a fair market value? I’m going to tell you this in the next video. I just want to finish over here right quickly did you know Zillow and Redfin are actually instant home buyers in Canada and United States.

Now I’m going to put a screenshot below so you can see how you can sell your home to Redfin who are instant buyers, but usually real estate investors would offer you a bit more depending on the situation of the house conditions of the house and all that all right.

So the second point, which is a con as well is real estate investors must profit from the transaction all right. So you have a real estate investor, who’s going to profit from your transaction.

And my philosophy is very simple. I go to a restaurant and I have a great meal. I pay the bill but I tip my server. Now, why do I tip my server? Because the servers gave me a great service. I was so happy and my family was so happy with the service. Now the server did cook the food. But the server gave us a service. So it’s the same thing over here. The real estate investor is giving a great service. He’s putting you, you know, he’s getting you out of a situation. He’s, I’m going to say he or she, I’m sorry. That is, you know, solving so many problems over here of yours that you have and I really think paying a tip to the service. You know it’s a must in life. I think if you take a favor, you have to return the favor. I hope you agree to that. Check Out How Our Process Works.

Now these are the cons that I look at. If you want to sell your home to a real estate investor, go ahead and look for a local real estate investor in your state or province.

Know you can go visit a few of them or you can speak to a few of them and see who’s going to give you the best offer. And you can pick and choose right now, if you want a second opinion or you want to sell your house to us feel free to visit the website fill up the short form there, and we’ll reach out to you and just give you a free consultation.

Just let you know where you stand in other opinion. All right. And other opinions, not the final opinion. Just let me put that really transparently to you. But we do have a lot of experience in helping home sellers. And there’s no commitment when you contact us. So have an awesome day and let’s connect soon.


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