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Selling Your House In Canada During Winters?

Did you know that there are advantages to selling your home in the winter? Since there are fewer listings to choose from, your property will stand out. Also, buyers who are looking in the winter tend to be more serious than those looking in the spring and summer. Here are a few tips for selling … Continued

How To Sell My House Fast In British Columbia

No matter whether you are a first-time seller or have sold properties before, you already know that the closing process is a complex and time-consuming process. Besides yourself as a seller you have to deal with the buyer, the real estate agents of the buyer, the lender, lawyers. The involvement of these parties makes the … Continued

Fixed Mortgage Rates Vs Variable Mortgage Rates

One of the most important decisions a home buyer makes is which is the best mortgage option. We recommend getting an initial assessment discussion with a trusted mortgage broker to “diagnose” your situation and future plans. Not all mortgage brokers are equal because not all situations are not the same. It’s a decision that will … Continued

Sell Your House Fast Grab Incredible Instant Cash Offer in Vancouver!

When life turns upside down strangely everything seems full pain. During this stressful period you have a need to sell your dream house and start looking for good options. Take a step back for a moment and look at your ultimate goals before searching for local Vancouver, BC Home Buyers. If your reasons for selling … Continued

How to Plan to Renovate Or Repair a Home?

While 36 percent of recent house purchasers sought to avoid remodeling or electrical or plumbing issues, a larger percentage (38 percent) of those who acquired previously owned homes were more concerned with getting a better overall value. The main difficulty with repair concerns is time & money, as well as other elements that affect the … Continued

Why Prefer Cash Offer Over Financed Offer?

A cash offer is an all-cash bid in which the homebuyer intends to purchase the property without the use of a mortgage loan or any other types of financing. These offers are generally more appealing to sellers since they eliminate the failure of buyer financing and, in most cases, result in a successful closings. If … Continued

How to Tell Real Estate Agents And Investors Apart In Surrey

If you’re thinking of selling, you’ll likely connect with people who want to help. Some will be agents and some will be investors. Check out this blog post to read about 3 ways to tell real estate agents and investors apart in Surrey, and help you understand why you might want to work with one … Continued

Can I Do Owner Financing If I Have A Mortgage On The Property?

Do you have a house to sell? Perhaps you’re thinking about selling, and maybe you’re thinking about seller financing. But if you have a mortgage on your house, you might be wondering, “Can I do owner financing in British Columbia if i have a mortgage on the property?” We get this question a lot so … Continued