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How to sell a house fast that needs work Vancouver?

How to sell a house fast? | Sell your house fast in Burnaby BC |

Were you just scrolling on internet, to learn how you could sell your house fast. And if that’s you are a homeowner, who’s looking to sell the house fast I want to give you some golden nuggets here, which can help you to sell your house fast, wherever you are in whichever state you are in.

Now, this is what we find, 70% of the homeowners who purchase their house would have been purchcased 5 years, 10 years, 15 years or 20 years ago. When they purchased the house, they might have purchased it with a realtor, but their realtor is no more in the area or the realtor has moved states, or, might have gone to another business now.

So they now look for a realtor. Let me tell you this, honestly, even though you go to the top names, It doesn’t mean every agent is equal and not every agent would be able to sell your house fast, in 14 days, 21 days or whatnot. You usually get into a contract of 3 months period where you give the realtor time to find you buyer.

And that’s, that’s definitely one way to go. Usually homeowners would pay. Realtors a commission to get the house sold. And the commission can be between 2% to 6%, really, depending on the situation and the market. So basically the realtor looks in the market and sees what’s the house worth?

He or she shares the insight with the homeowner. And you’re pretty much pay the commission to the realtor for doing their job. Now, again, coming back to the same point 1-2% of the realtors, , are really, really good and sharp and in getting the houses sold of their clients, which would be you. Now the other way is you could go to a website for forsalebyowner, you could go to Realtor, Redfin, Zillow websites.

No Realtor Commissions
We help you sell your house fast without any commission.

All these sites have a section where you could sell by owner . So you’re selling your house by owner. That means you’re selling your house directly by yourself. There’s no agent involved in.

You’re going to try to sell your house now, just in case you’re doing that. I just want to give you a great tip over here. A lot of buyers these days, they like to zoom in the pictures and therefore, I suggest that you have high resolution pictures before you put them on the website.

Usually you don’t get much traction. If the pictures are not interesting. Now put yourself in the same situation. If you’re going to buy a house, you obviously want to buy a beautiful house in, you know, updated house and whatnot. So you, you would. As well on your tablet or on your iPhone, you know, zoom, zoom, the pictures to see how, how the great the house is. and definitely you’re paying the price it’s worth and in your budget of course. Now the third thing is, what you could do is you go to Facebook marketplace is a good place to list your house by owner as well. You could get lot of traction over there.

You could do it on , classified websites, craigslist Vancouver or different sites in your local in canada. So these are the points that I think you definitely want to know. Now, let me take this a bit forward. If you’re still with me, you need to know three things, you know, three important things over here you really need to know.

If you’re going with a realtor, know you’re going to pay them the say 5%, all right, you’re going to pay the realtor 5%, but you also have to know the second biggest payment, that you need to make. And that would be a buyer’s agent because sometimes realtors work with another agent and that’s called buying agent. And that buying agent brings a client to your realtor. So there is two fees right there. You also need to know that there’s closing fees or title fees, different states have a different name or attorney fees because you could close with their attorney as well.

So you have those fees, you will be responsible. So if I was you, this is what I really do.

  1. Know, put my asking price together.
  2. I would subtract my realtor fees.
  3. I’ll subtract my other fees,buying agent fees,
  4. I’ll subtract my closing costs.
  5. I’ll subtract all that. And within the closing costs, that could be some other costs as well.
We pay you cash for your home

So you just need to ask, your realtor, what are the costs involved and, they’ll inform you. So these are the three costs. This is basically going to show you exactly net cash in your pocket for the house that you’re selling. And. That’s really what you get. A lot of owners don’t even look at that and they think that whatever they list is what they get Net, but that’s not really true certainty that’s not true.

So if you’ve done all that and you have done a lot of leg work already you tried Facebook ads, you tried realtors, but you couldn’t sell, you definitely want search sell my house fast Vancouver. Fill a contact us form give me some information, basically information about your house that I need to know, and I will give you an offer. If the offer makes sense to you and I will show you what is my offer going to be and I’m going to definitely make it a fair offer. If you accept it that’s where we start from. Call us 778 744 4277

There’s no Realtor fees, although I’ve been the real estate space for a long time, I won’t charge your realtor fee because I’ll be buying your house from you and a closing as well. So we have a team, we take care of all that we just want to make it very simple, very straightforward for you and we guide you through the whole process, alright?

We guide you through the whole process. If you like it. We start, if you don’t like it, we’re just friends and there’s no obligations whatsoever. So go ahead click the link below, fill up the form and we can have a simple talk.

I look forward to talking to you and helping you get to sell your house, wherever you are, you have a great one.


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