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Get Help In Upside-Down Mortgages in Canada

Mortgage Problems

Do you have a mortgage in Canada that you are struggling to keep up with every month?

Well, a home buyers plan (HBP) won’t help a seller in this situation because the value of your Vancouver house has depreciated, leaving you the borrower in a situation where you owe more than the current market price.

Are the banks and lenders unwilling to listen to your reasoning?

At Neu Target & Supplies Inc located in Surrey, British Columbia we help homeowners and empower our community with financial solutions so they can take back control of their home mortgages.

Whether you overpaid for the property or have fallen behind on mortgage payments, You are not alone! Thousands of Canadians are facing this problem.

Being upside-down on your mortgage or owing more than the current market value is a less-than-ideal situation for homeowners.

Neu Target & Supplies Inc buys houses for cash and offers customized solutions that are tailored to each homeowner’s financial situation, from refinancing options to loan forbearance agreements. Furthermore, our team of experienced advisors will review your options and guide you through every step as we craft an effective solution for your long-term success

If circumstances force you to sell your house instead of waiting out a rising market we buy houses by cash.

Understandably you want to explore your options. 

With so many decisions ahead, being fully informed and weighing the benefits of each will help you feel confident in the action you take. So read on as we explore four things you can do if you are upside-down on your mortgage in British Columbia.


The first thing you can do if you own an upside-down mortgage in British Columbia is to get a realistic picture of where you stand. Then, contact your lender for the amount owing on the mortgage, with up-to-date interests, and schedule a professional who may be able to assess the exact numbers with you.

Professional home buyers like those at Neu Target & Supplies Inc want you to make an educated decision about your future, so they’ll compare what you could earn from listing vs. selling for cash.

Neu Target & Supplies Inc buys house directly as-is for cash in Vancouver, and you can skip the prep, real estate commissions, cleaning, and repairs. Imagine the time it saves you.

Imagine receiving back control of your finances instead of being bound by the stress of an ever-increasing debt burden. If this sounds like you you can get started today

At Neu Target & Supplies Inc, our professional home buyers provide all the details used to calculate our offer because we want you to agree it is fair and feel good about working with us long after closing. Read About Us


You can refinance another real estate asset whether commercial or residential that has less debt and positive cash flow. This will give you leverage This will consequently balance your mortgage payments and put you back on track.

Line Of Credit

Using an available line of credit or home equity loan is designed specifically for those in need of temporary financial relief during tough times. With an available line of credit, you will be able to balance out any negative mortgage payments, helping you avoid the worry and stress of hurting owning a house in Vancouver

Short Sale

We understand how stressful it is to come up with such a large amount of cash every month. Not only does this consume almost all of your income, but it also puts us under immense pressure from lenders calling you.

The term upside down in mortgages is known as short sale. This refers to the bank taking a loss on the property as the selling price is short of the amount that the seller (homeowner) owes.

Naturally, you as the seller or owner need to exercise all options to exit from an upside-down on your mortgage in British Columbia. While a short sale has some consequences, they don’t compare to the fallout from claiming bankruptcy or a foreclosure on your credit record.

Professional home buyers like Neu Target & Supplies Inc can take care of everything from evaluating the value of your assets to refinancing negotiations and helping to do all the paperwork. Invest a few minutes and get started!

Sell Your House

Another thing you can do if you’re upside-down on your property mortgage in British Columbia is to sell the property and bring the amount owing to the closing table to pay off the remainder of the mortgage.

With a private sale of your British Columbia house to professional buyers like those at Neu Target & Supplies Inc, you’ll get a fair value and escape paying any hefty real estate commissions and penalties due to the lender.

At Neu Target & Supplies Inc, there are no hidden fees, and because of our full-service in-house team of real estate industry specialists, you won’t pay any closing costs, and we can provide you with a fast, guaranteed closing date.

Get Cash

Would you prefer receiving some cash to get on with your life? We’ve all been there before. You’re stuck in an ever-increasing cycle of debt, with negative mortgage payments weighing you down each month.

On top of that, you don’t have help to get the extra funds to refinance and can hardly save up enough money for a single payment. Even worse, no lender is willing to give you new credit or a home equity loan at this time.

Need Help

Still, need help with your situation?

At Neu Target & Supplies Inc, our professional home buyers can provide you help and best options if you need to sell for some cash in British Columbia, Canada

At Neu Target & Supplies Inc, we are your neighbors who live and work alongside you, and we are proud of the work we do helping British Columbia sellers with unique and individualized solutions, one seller, one property at a time. Feel free to ask us any questions or express any concerns you may have about the process of a private sale of your British Columbia house.


If selling your house in Vancouver is your choice, get started today, simply fill out the application form and one of our consultants will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your options.

A direct sale of your Vancouver house may be an answer and talking with a professional home buyer from Neu Target & Supplies Inc is 100% obligation free. Call Neu Target & Supplies Inc at +1 778-717-7188.

This blog was collaborated with Mr. Manny Treivish Mortgage Broker, Homeloan BC.


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