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Canada Real Estate Price Correction

Canada Real Estate Price Correction
Speaker 1:
Today’s topic is about Canadian real estate being overpriced or overvalued.

As of yesterday’s article that I read, it said that 76% of prices in Canada are above the mark. Right? Now, what does that mean? If you live in a house, you shouldn’t really be worried about what’s going on in the real estate market, in the real estate industry, because you are living in it and you’re living in it for your family. Right? Now, all of us do know that during COVID prices went up and they went haywire, but they’re all just coming back to actual normal pricing, and that’s what’s called correction. Interest rates are on the hike and I believe the Canadian Government is trying their best to make houses affordable, and hence, it shouldn’t worry a lot of people.

But if there are people out there who own 20 houses, they have gone way above their limit. Right? 20 houses, they have to pay mortgages, they’ve got to pay insurance, they’ve got to pay a lot of fees to maintain the house. It could be property management. Usually people who have that many houses have a property manager, and management company takes over managing those houses. Now, if you’re one of those who has multiple houses but may want to exit, you could go to and you could claim a cash offer.

Now, the real estate industry has a chart which is available on the Canadian Real Estate Board, CREA websites, where it shows you how the curve always goes up and down, it steadies, and then goes back up or goes back down. So you could get a lot of information from that chart to really tell you how the market is going, where the market is going, to give you a comfort and peace of mind in the market industry right now. We do see the stocks have been changing, not for the betterment. We have seen RSPs not really doing great, and financial markets are overall correcting themselves. So, that’s what I had today. Once again, if you’re looking to sell your house fast, the website would be

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