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5 Secrets How To Attract Offers Vancouver

In a seller’s market you might normally attract multiple offers selling your house – but How To Attract the right offers, that will work for you?

Having served hundreds of sellers for over 14 years, we share some real experiences. This article is for anyone who has ever loved a house. We help people move on after they’ve given up. You can contact us.

You’ve heard a ton about how home sellers had their success in selling without a realtor. This is known as For Sale By Owner or FSBO but are wondering what applies to your situation.

Get offers for your home

What are the 5 secrets ? Let’s get started.

The #1 rule of thumb, is get your sentiments out before marketing the house then continue reading…..When you have an emotional detachment to a house, marketing it is easier and done.

Once you are created the mental freedom, now you are ready for success. The following 5 tips will help you moving in the right direction.

#1. Get Your Free Home Evaluation

One way to attract multiple offers is market research done correctly. Shockingly you can get this free of charge.

Arrange an appointment with a real estate agent/professional. Ask them to give you a free home evaluation based on the house’s condition, recent MLS sales in your area.

#2. How can you collect more offers?

Now that you are clear on the sales prices in the area let’s move forward.

Remember If marketed properly you’ll likely get more than expected buyers looking at your property in a very short time frame.

Strategically posting nice looking ads in local newspapers, fliers an, Craigslist, Kijiji, and multiple social media platforms you can try to get more exposure for your properties even if there aren’t any direct offers on them at first glance. We wrote another article Click Here

#3. Look for houses in the same area?

Always compare apples with apples. Sellers make this mistake all the time. Thinking the market is hot especially post covid isn’t enough. You need to get the sale done and close the sale of your property.

Don’t compare houses beyond 3 km or 1.5 mile radius, because there are several factors that can change.

#4. Compare similar house with 98% similar conditions.

The same area may have two houses bring two different sets of offers.

One may have a lower asking price because the house hasn’t had any upgrades since ownership.

The other may ask for a higher price because it has had home improvements such as New HVAC, New Kitchen, New Bathrooms, New Flooring, New Basement and more…

When you put both of these two offers side by side, it is likely that the higher asking price house was also built later. Now it’s time to find out how does your house condition rank vs the houses that were sold.

#4. How to Stand Out

Another way to attract multiple offers is to stand out in some way. Take your property to the next level by making it beautiful, memorable, and desirable.

Perhaps paint the doors to neutral likeable colours. This will give a Fresh and Memorable image to buyers to grow your piling offers.

#5. How to Target Home Buyers

The #1 rule for selling a house is always targeted marketing.

Targeting means putting identify who might be the perfect buyer for your home and then laser-target your marketing to reach them. We answer most frequently asked questions.

For example, if you determine that your house can get the higher asking price you can target first-time homebuyers then stage your home for these buyers and then laser-target your marketing to reach them.


It’s critical that you avoid what I’ll call “going in blind” or simply throwing money without identifying your perfect buyer’s interest.

Selling in a seller’s market might seem like the best option but one way to get another offer is to have us give you a cash offer for your house.

We’re buying properties in neighbouring cities and we’d like to make an offer too. Click here now to fill out the form or call us at 778-744-4277 and we’ll get in touch with our best cash offer.

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